Multiple independent builds: Combining Results in a single SonarQube analysis result?

In a GitHub repository, I have a multi-module Gradle project. For this repository, I have a single Sonar project. Each module can be built on its own. I configured my workflow on a pull request to only build the projects that actually have changes.

When I have changes in two submodules, two independent builds are triggered, which run in parallel and therefore save time. Now I have the problem that the second build to finish overrides the SonarQube analysis of the first build.

Is it possible to configure the Gradle SonarQube plugin in such a way that multiple independent builds contribute to one single SonarQube analysis result?

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Similar questions I asked some time ago. In our case it was worse, different programming languages were involved. Unfortunately, there was no good solution for any of our use cases available, at least in developer edition. Therefore we have separate projects per build and no tests reported from integration test systems.

Thanks for sharing. Making single sonar project for each subproject might be a viable solution. It would have been nice thought if this would have worked with a single project. Ill try that this week