SonarCloud doesn't seem to support composite builds in gradle

What are the definitve steps to support a gradle build with composite projects

  • Github
  • Github Action
  • Java/Kotlln
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL
  • no errors, except for a gradle project with multiple composite projects, we only get the results of one of the projects
  • We can run indivual composite project, but the results overwrite each other for a single github project

Hey @jshattu

Is the goal that all the results will come under a single SonarCloud project, or that multiple SonarCloud projects will be targetted?

Effectively, are you looking for aggregate results or separate reports?

would take either to be honest. Which ever is the quickest to setup.

What we have ifrom a github perspective is one project with mutiple compostie builds.

How would we setup SonarCloud to deal with this?

@jshattu Honestly, I cannot find a good working example for a composite build. Can you put together an example (dummy) repo that mirrors how your project is configured, with instructions for a build that mirrors the behavior you witness (overwritten analysis results)?

when I get time, i’ll create a project in github to demonstrate. Let me know if there have been further updates on this.