Multiple azure organizations integration with sonarqube 9.4 community edition

Hello Everyone,
I m currently using Sonarqube 9.4 Community Edition and Integrated with Azure DevOps one organization. It is connected now and I’m able to see all the projects in that organization.

Is that possible to integrate with azure devops multiple organizations, We have different projects under different organizations. Is there a way to achieve this?

Help will be appreciated.

Hey there.

Integrating with multiple instances of a DevOps Platforms (like separate Azure DevOps organizations) requires the Enterprise Edition of SonarQube.

I’ll be honest that we put this limitation only keeping in mind PR Decoration (which starts to be available in Developer Eedition), not project onboarding – but the result is that you can only connect to a single Azure DevOps Organization (although you can add repos from many projects under a single organization).

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Hi there, I’m using an enterprise edition 9.4, when I create multiple integrations to azure devops the repo sync is disabled.How can I work with multiple integrations with azure devops without having a service account PAT that would allow access to all repo’s in azure?