MSSQL Installation

I’ve recently installed SonarQube 8.1 community edition. I was successfully able to get a demo instance running but would now like to set up a production instance.

SonarQube is currently run on a Linux VM and MSSQL is run on a Windows host. Does the database have to be installed on the VM as well or can I just specify the details in the config file?

Hey there.

You should definitely not install SonarQube v8.1, but either the current LTS (v8.9 LTS) or the latest version (v9.6). SonarQube v8.1 is EOL and represents an operational/security risk if installed. It also doesn’t contain the last ~3 years of improvements to SonarQube and its analysis engine!

We recommend the database be installed on a separate machine that is close to the machine hosting SonarQube (network-wise, with low latency).