Modular monoliths in sonar cloud

Good morning, I have a question, I have a project in azure devops, which is a modular monolith, having as technologies in the same repository for the frontend, react, typescript, javascript and for the backend we have . net , the tests for the backend are done with sonarcloud automatically but for the frontend we are using jest inside azure devops , the problem is that the jest test coverage is published in the execution of the pipeline, but sonar does not read the coverage correctly , because in sonarcloud it asks me to configure a third party analysis for js/ts, I am already doing it but it does not take the coverage of both at the same time, it should be noted that the configuration of jest is correct, because in the company we already have some frontends with this technology running, it is as if the first tests for . net were performed but when it reads the npm tasks is opaque and asks me for a third party analysis, I hope someone can guide me, thank you very much,

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Sorry, but I don’t understand this:

SonarCloud analyzes JS/TS natively.

All you should need to do to get JS/TS test coverage reports picked up is provide the paths to analysis.