Sonarcloud- shows 0 coverage for Typescript (Using AzureDevOps Pipeline)


I am new to SonarCloud and right now I am using it to run code review for my SPFX solutions which made up of few Typescripts files.

However, the results shows that 0 coverage for the typescript files. And it only scanning for css and json files.

SonarCloud tasks setup in pipeline (yaml)

  • task: SonarCloudPrepare@1
    displayName: ‘Prepare analysis on SonarCloud’
    SonarCloud: ‘xxxx SonarCloud’
    organization: ‘xxxx’
    scannerMode: ‘CLI’
    configMode: ‘manual’
    cliProjectKey: ${{ parameters.projectKey}}
    cliProjectName: ${{ parameters.projectName}}
    cliSources: ${{ parameters.cliSources}}

  • task: SonarCloudAnalyze@1
    displayName: ‘Run Code Analysis Task’

  • task: SonarCloudPublish@1
    displayName: ‘Publish Quality Gate Result’
    pollingTimeoutSec: ‘300’

Appreciate your help on this topic.


Welcome to the community!

I feel like I almost recognize your pipeline syntax, but I’m not sure: what’s your DevOps Platform / CI?

And can you share your analysis logs?

The analysis / scanner log is what’s output from the analysis command. Hopefully, the log you provide - redacted as necessary - will include that command as well.

This guide will help you find them.


Hi Ann,

I am using Azure DevOps. I will try to get the logs and share with you once I got it.
But, the issue is basically, it seems like the sonar cloud did not scans through my typescripts codes and only scans for css, json etc.

I’m wondering if there is any additional settings or parameter that need to be specified.




Let’s see what’s going on in your analysis logs. We can go from there.