AzureDevops integration with SonarCloud - no code coverage

Same for me. Azure DevOps Test Results are great, Sonarcloud analysis works, but the coverage is 0% in Sonarcloud.

By the way: Microsofts tutorial on integrating Sonarcloud is horribly outdated.
There is no real tutorial using the “new” Azure Pipelines which have been around for quite a while. (builds configured via YAML instead of drag n drop)

hello @bjustice_sympatient

I’ve split your question in a different topic, as this is a good practice on this forum (1 problem - 1 topic, as 2 apparently similar topics might have separate root causes).

  • What language is your project in?
  • What coverage tool are you using?
  • Do the coverage reports correctly appear in the pipeline build summary? If so, please send us the detailed log from the END step

Also, you may be interested in this topic Code Coverage not showing in Sonar Cloud, but does in VSTS build

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hi @Andrei_Epure ,

Thanks for your reply.

  • we have 1 .net core and 1 unity project in the repo. I only expect support for the .net core project.
  • I had assumed, that Sonar Cloud had its own coverage solution. So this is my issue.
  • No, as I assumed Sonar Cloud would do this due to lack of (or hard to find?) updated documentation in context with .net core and azure devops.

=> Thanks for your questions, they have pointed me in the right direction.
I will post here again if the coverage and reports work, but sonar cloud fails to read them.

For now, this issue is resolved.

Sounds good, @bjustice_sympatient, let us know how it goes!