MMF-1118 Release Version?

What release will be included in? There is no fix version listed on the feature.

Hi Chris,

The go-to thread for that topic on this forum would be:

The feature is coming in SonarQube 7.4, out in a couple of weeks.

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Thank you Nicolas. I upgraded to 7.4 this morning and I’m trying to test out MMF-1118. I can see a short-lived branch breaking the build when issues are greater than 0. But it is not breaking the build when unit test coverage is below the threshold. Do i have to turn this on somewhere?


We did not include coverage in the hard-coded quality gate we impose for PRs and short-lived branches (SLB) because it’s impossible to pick a (fixed) threshold number that would make everyone happy.

7.5 will add the calculation of duplications on PRs and SLBs, and we’d like to see “real” quality gates (MMF-1369) on them perhaps in 7.6 (no promises!). We know this is needed, and we plan to get there.

While I’m throwing MMF numbers around, I want to mention why you don’t see a fix version on them. They are essentially meta-tickets, and they’re stored in a separate project which holds meta-tickets for many other projects. So within the MMF project, SONAR-project release versions really don’t apply. (Yes, I know this is regretable.) If you really want to know the release version for a closed MMF, click through on its closed child tickets, and see the version there.


I don’t understand that statement. Make customers happy or make developers happy? The default threshold for Sonary Way is 80% unit test coverage on new code. Why not just use that number?


Yes, 80% is the default. And it’s editable. It’s also omit-able.

And while I would like to think that every new piece of code being written today adheres to that that standard, I know such thinking would be naive.