How to know what release fixes for user submitted issues are in (MMF Tickets)

We have been tracking and see that it is closed, but I don’t see any references to this ticket in any release notes. Is there a mapping somewhere that we can determine what release the fix would be included in? The timing makes it likely that it is in 8.8 but I really hope it’s at least included in the 8.9 LTS release since that is an easy sell to my Ops team to upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there.

You have to make several hops to understand what version it’s included in (someday hopefully our roadmap will be easier to understand) but I can confirm it’s in v8.8 and will roll into v8.9 LTS.

Thank you very much for the confirmation. This is super helpful I really appreciate it.

Just to follow up on this excellent question, from the MMF you can jump to the implementation tickets, which you should see in the Links section of the ticket. They should all have a fix version set (unless we’re being forgetful again :joy:).


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