Incorrect coverage for Overall Code on feature branch

Hi all,

Version used: SonarQube Enterprise Edition v9.3 (build 51899)

Issue summary: A feature branch containing small changes is not picking up the old code coverage for Overall Code. Obviously, this causes the quality gate to break and the build cannot progress.

Master branch screenshot:

Feature branch screenshot:

Please notice that although it is picking up all Unit Tests, it is still not computing the right coverage on the feature branch.

I would also like to mention that this did not happen one week ago. Could someone tell me whether sonarqube pushed new updates or what this could be about?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Razvan,

Welcome to the community!

SonarQube doesn’t “push” updates. Since it’s self-managed, any updating would be entirely on your side. SonarQube 9.3 is the latest version and it was released at the end of January. Your SonarQube admin might have upgraded a plugin, but there’s nothing on our side.

What i notice in your screenshots is the difference between “5k Lines to cover” in the main branch and “2.9k Lines to cover” in the feature branch. I think it’s worth sorting that out first. And then if there’s still a question of coverage we can look at it. In either case, your full analysis log is going to be the place to start looking (preferably a compare & contrast between feature branch analysis & main branch analysis).


Hi @ganncamp and thanks for your reply,

I have compared the sonar analysis output from this particular project against another project (a different microservice) where it is working fine. I did not find anything that looks unusual. Here is the analysis log:

[INFO] User cache: /home/AzDevOps/.sonar/cache
2022-03-09T11:25:33.5816264Z [INFO] SonarQube version: 9.3.0
2022-03-09T11:25:33.6023021Z [INFO] Default locale: "en", source code encoding: "UTF-8"
2022-03-09T11:25:34.0972468Z [INFO] Load global settings
2022-03-09T11:25:34.3353343Z [INFO] Load global settings (done) | time=240ms
2022-03-09T11:25:34.3434943Z [INFO] Server id: B6199E94-AXmj4lZU2aX6gFbtAvlF
2022-03-09T11:25:34.3527196Z [INFO] User cache: /home/AzDevOps/.sonar/cache
2022-03-09T11:25:34.3562789Z [INFO] Load/download plugins
2022-03-09T11:25:34.3563599Z [INFO] Load plugins index
2022-03-09T11:25:34.4472134Z [INFO] Load plugins index (done) | time=90ms
2022-03-09T11:25:34.6374935Z [INFO] Load/download plugins (done) | time=281ms
2022-03-09T11:25:34.8305211Z [INFO] Loaded core extensions: developer-scanner
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3336112Z [INFO] Process project properties
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3440478Z [INFO] Process project properties (done) | time=10ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3444270Z [INFO] Execute project builders
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3464028Z [INFO] Execute project builders (done) | time=2ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3486480Z [INFO] Project key: gateway
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3491303Z [INFO] Base dir: /agent/_work/2/s
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3492345Z [INFO] Working dir: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar
2022-03-09T11:25:35.3637648Z [INFO] Load project settings for component key: 'gateway'
2022-03-09T11:25:35.4146210Z [INFO] Load project settings for component key: 'gateway' (done) | time=46ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5128912Z [INFO] Load project branches
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5543823Z [INFO] Load project branches (done) | time=40ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5555075Z [INFO] Load project pull requests
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5949271Z [INFO] Load project pull requests (done) | time=39ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5951239Z [INFO] Load branch configuration
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5960097Z [INFO] Found manual configuration of branch/PR analysis. Skipping automatic configuration.
2022-03-09T11:25:35.5975279Z [INFO] Load branch configuration (done) | time=3ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.6556066Z [INFO] Auto-configuring with CI 'Azure DevOps'
2022-03-09T11:25:35.6573839Z [INFO] Load quality profiles
2022-03-09T11:25:35.7840203Z [INFO] Load quality profiles (done) | time=126ms
2022-03-09T11:25:35.7877416Z [INFO] Auto-configuring with CI 'Azure DevOps'
2022-03-09T11:25:35.7887275Z [INFO] Load active rules
2022-03-09T11:25:38.0839398Z [INFO] Load active rules (done) | time=2295ms
2022-03-09T11:25:38.1282168Z [INFO] Branch name: test/sonar-master
2022-03-09T11:25:38.1900120Z [INFO] Indexing files...
2022-03-09T11:25:38.1906217Z [INFO] Project configuration:
2022-03-09T11:25:38.1959465Z [INFO]   Excluded sources: src/main/webapp/content/**/*.*, src/main/webapp/i18n/*.js, src/main/webapp/app/**/*.module.ts, src/main/webapp/app/**/*.route.ts, src/main/webapp/app/**/*.main.ts, src/main/webapp/app/**/*.model.ts, src/main/webapp/app/**/polyfills.ts, src/main/webapp/app/custom-polyfills/closest-polyfill.js, src/main/webapp/app/**/vendor.ts, src/main/webapp/app/**/*.config.ts, src/main/webapp/app/admin/**/*.*, src/main/webapp/app/layouts/profiles/**/*.*, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/config/**/*.*, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/web/rest/errors/**/*.*, target/classes/static/**/*.*, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/aop/logging/**/*.*, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/gateway/ratelimiting/**, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/web/rest/, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/security/, src/main/java/uk/co/metrobank/crga/crgagateway/web/rest/util/, src/main/webapp/app/local-modules/**
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5877681Z [INFO] 418 files indexed
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5884092Z [INFO] 176 files ignored because of inclusion/exclusion patterns
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5885736Z [INFO] 0 files ignored because of scm ignore settings
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5895237Z [INFO] Quality profile for css: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5900111Z [INFO] Quality profile for java: MetroBank Profile - Gold Standard
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5905214Z [INFO] Quality profile for js: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5906557Z [INFO] Quality profile for json: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5907907Z [INFO] Quality profile for ts: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5912165Z [INFO] Quality profile for web: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5913778Z [INFO] Quality profile for xml: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5916741Z [INFO] Quality profile for yaml: Sonar way
2022-03-09T11:25:39.5918800Z [INFO] ------------- Run sensors on module CRGA-crgagateway
2022-03-09T11:25:39.8016336Z [INFO] Load metrics repository
2022-03-09T11:25:39.8471749Z [INFO] Load metrics repository (done) | time=41ms
2022-03-09T11:25:42.7750270Z [INFO] Sensor JavaSensor [java]
2022-03-09T11:25:43.1522493Z [INFO] Configured Java source version ( 8
2022-03-09T11:25:43.1583722Z [INFO] JavaClasspath initialization
2022-03-09T11:25:43.1692049Z [INFO] JavaClasspath initialization (done) | time=10ms
2022-03-09T11:25:43.1693982Z [INFO] JavaTestClasspath initialization
2022-03-09T11:25:43.1786761Z [INFO] JavaTestClasspath initialization (done) | time=9ms
2022-03-09T11:25:43.1907424Z [INFO] Java "Main" source files AST scan
2022-03-09T11:25:43.2099343Z [INFO] 31 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:43.3127859Z [INFO] Load project repositories
2022-03-09T11:25:43.3696587Z [INFO] Load project repositories (done) | time=57ms
2022-03-09T11:25:49.0048645Z [INFO] 31/31 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:49.0072557Z [INFO] Java "Main" source files AST scan (done) | time=5816ms
2022-03-09T11:25:49.0079931Z [INFO] Java "Test" source files AST scan
2022-03-09T11:25:49.0136960Z [INFO] 13 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:50.4523005Z [INFO] 13/13 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:50.4531755Z [INFO] Java "Test" source files AST scan (done) | time=1445ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.4538449Z [INFO] No "Generated" source files to scan.
2022-03-09T11:25:50.4542101Z [INFO] Sensor JavaSensor [java] (done) | time=7680ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.4545132Z [INFO] Sensor IaC CloudFormation Sensor [iac]
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5051150Z [INFO] 0 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5243006Z [INFO] 0/0 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5254175Z [INFO] Sensor IaC CloudFormation Sensor [iac] (done) | time=70ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5257551Z [INFO] Sensor C# Project Type Information [csharp]
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5273018Z [INFO] Sensor C# Project Type Information [csharp] (done) | time=1ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5277052Z [INFO] Sensor C# Analysis Log [csharp]
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5430504Z [INFO] Sensor C# Analysis Log [csharp] (done) | time=15ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5433321Z [INFO] Sensor C# Properties [csharp]
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5436342Z [INFO] Sensor C# Properties [csharp] (done) | time=1ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5439063Z [INFO] Sensor SurefireSensor [java]
2022-03-09T11:25:50.5459897Z [INFO] parsing [/agent/_work/2/s/target/test-results/test, /agent/_work/2/s/target/test-results/integrationTest]
2022-03-09T11:25:50.6677922Z [INFO] Sensor SurefireSensor [java] (done) | time=124ms
2022-03-09T11:25:50.6681298Z [INFO] Sensor HTML [web]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.3496312Z [INFO] Sensor HTML [web] (done) | time=681ms
2022-03-09T11:25:51.3499872Z [INFO] Sensor XML Sensor [xml]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.3522885Z [INFO] 4 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:51.6307509Z [INFO] 4/4 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:51.6330361Z [INFO] Sensor XML Sensor [xml] (done) | time=281ms
2022-03-09T11:25:51.6333171Z [INFO] Sensor Text Sensor [text]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.6429208Z [INFO] 396 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9108702Z [INFO] 396/396 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9114977Z [INFO] Sensor Text Sensor [text] (done) | time=278ms
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9117990Z [INFO] Sensor VB.NET Project Type Information [vbnet]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9136164Z [INFO] Sensor VB.NET Project Type Information [vbnet] (done) | time=1ms
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9138887Z [INFO] Sensor VB.NET Analysis Log [vbnet]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9291920Z [INFO] Sensor VB.NET Analysis Log [vbnet] (done) | time=15ms
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9297800Z [INFO] Sensor VB.NET Properties [vbnet]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9299952Z [INFO] Sensor VB.NET Properties [vbnet] (done) | time=1ms
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9304419Z [INFO] Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco]
2022-03-09T11:25:51.9362503Z [INFO] Importing 2 report(s). Turn your logs in debug mode in order to see the exhaustive list.
2022-03-09T11:25:52.0886044Z [INFO] Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco] (done) | time=158ms
2022-03-09T11:25:52.0887280Z [INFO] Sensor JavaScript analysis [javascript]
2022-03-09T11:25:54.2373862Z [INFO] Deploying custom rules bundle jar:file:/home/AzDevOps/.sonar/cache/c8528df5e461867acf060f71702dbe39/sonar-securityjsfrontend-plugin.jar!/js-vulnerabilities-rules-1.0.0.tgz to /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/.sonartmp/eslint-bridge-bundle/package/custom-rules13995121962243394865
2022-03-09T11:25:56.3002086Z [INFO] 2 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:58.5516530Z [INFO] 2/2 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:58.5522984Z [INFO] Sensor JavaScript analysis [javascript] (done) | time=6463ms
2022-03-09T11:25:58.5525818Z [INFO] Sensor TypeScript analysis [javascript]
2022-03-09T11:25:59.5188279Z [INFO] Found 1 tsconfig.json file(s): [/agent/_work/2/s/tsconfig.json]
2022-03-09T11:25:59.5201111Z [INFO] Creating TypeScript program
2022-03-09T11:25:59.5205673Z [INFO] 242 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:25:59.5206637Z [INFO] TypeScript configuration file /agent/_work/2/s/tsconfig.json
2022-03-09T11:26:02.1048930Z [INFO] Creating TypeScript program (done) | time=2585ms
2022-03-09T11:26:02.1055075Z [INFO] Starting analysis with current program
2022-03-09T11:26:09.5215711Z [INFO] 65/242 files analyzed, current file: /agent/_work/2/s/src/main/webapp/app/entities/crgaslotting/slotted-exposure/property-delete/property-delete-dialog.component.ts
2022-03-09T11:26:18.4073140Z [INFO] Analyzed 242 file(s) with current program
2022-03-09T11:26:18.4104488Z [INFO] 242/242 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:26:18.4110990Z [INFO] Sensor TypeScript analysis [javascript] (done) | time=19859ms
2022-03-09T11:26:18.4113266Z [INFO] Sensor CSS Metrics [javascript]
2022-03-09T11:26:18.6721250Z [INFO] Sensor CSS Metrics [javascript] (done) | time=256ms
2022-03-09T11:26:18.6754242Z [INFO] Sensor CSS Rules [javascript]
2022-03-09T11:26:18.7225102Z [INFO] 82 source files to be analyzed
2022-03-09T11:26:19.9559277Z [INFO] 82/82 source files have been analyzed
2022-03-09T11:26:19.9562500Z [INFO] Sensor CSS Rules [javascript] (done) | time=1283ms
2022-03-09T11:26:19.9565485Z [INFO] Sensor ThymeLeaf template sensor [securityjavafrontend]
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1843368Z [INFO] Sensor ThymeLeaf template sensor [securityjavafrontend] (done) | time=227ms
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1844645Z [INFO] Sensor Serverless configuration file sensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1863122Z [INFO] 0 Serverless function entries were found in the project
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1904267Z [INFO] 0 Serverless function handlers were kept as entrypoints
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1907359Z [INFO] Sensor Serverless configuration file sensor [security] (done) | time=6ms
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1910289Z [INFO] Sensor AWS SAM template file sensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1965443Z [INFO] Sensor AWS SAM template file sensor [security] (done) | time=6ms
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1967934Z [INFO] Sensor Generic Test Executions Report
2022-03-09T11:26:20.1976650Z [INFO] Parsing /agent/_work/2/s/target/test-results/jest/TESTS-results-sonar.xml
2022-03-09T11:26:20.2269877Z [INFO] Imported test execution data for 98 files
2022-03-09T11:26:20.2273712Z [INFO] Sensor Generic Test Executions Report (done) | time=30ms
2022-03-09T11:26:20.2277166Z [INFO] Sensor JavaSecuritySensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:20.2295508Z [INFO] Reading type hierarchy from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/java
2022-03-09T11:26:20.3320211Z [INFO] Read 176 type definitions
2022-03-09T11:26:20.3406723Z [INFO] Reading UCFGs from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/java
2022-03-09T11:26:20.4491704Z [INFO] 11:26:20.447302 Building Runtime Type propagation graph
2022-03-09T11:26:20.4673896Z [INFO] 11:26:20.466639 Running Tarjan on 437 nodes
2022-03-09T11:26:20.4719456Z [INFO] 11:26:20.471243 Tarjan found 437 components
2022-03-09T11:26:20.4773247Z [INFO] 11:26:20.476595 Variable type analysis: done
2022-03-09T11:26:20.4824790Z [INFO] 11:26:20.481191 Building Runtime Type propagation graph
2022-03-09T11:26:20.4985839Z [INFO] 11:26:20.497973 Running Tarjan on 437 nodes
2022-03-09T11:26:20.5002290Z [INFO] 11:26:20.49975 Tarjan found 437 components
2022-03-09T11:26:20.5018731Z [INFO] 11:26:20.501388 Variable type analysis: done
2022-03-09T11:26:20.5036233Z [INFO] Analyzing 114 ucfgs to detect vulnerabilities.
2022-03-09T11:26:21.0008346Z [INFO] All rules entrypoints : 4
2022-03-09T11:26:21.0010499Z [INFO] Retained UCFGs : 26
2022-03-09T11:26:21.0163944Z [INFO] Taint analysis starting. Entrypoints: 4
2022-03-09T11:26:21.0167661Z [INFO] Running symbolic analysis for 'JAVA'
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2603211Z [INFO] Taint analysis: done.
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2604690Z [INFO] Sensor JavaSecuritySensor [security] (done) | time=1033ms
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2607848Z [INFO] Sensor CSharpSecuritySensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2612642Z [INFO] Reading type hierarchy from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/ucfg_cs2
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2614407Z [INFO] Read 0 type definitions
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2618273Z [INFO] Reading UCFGs from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/ucfg_cs2
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2621550Z [INFO] No UCFGs have been included for analysis.
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2626072Z [INFO] Sensor CSharpSecuritySensor [security] (done) | time=1ms
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2628230Z [INFO] Sensor PhpSecuritySensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2633723Z [INFO] Reading type hierarchy from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/php
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2635433Z [INFO] Read 0 type definitions
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2638880Z [INFO] Reading UCFGs from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/php
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2641748Z [INFO] No UCFGs have been included for analysis.
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2649397Z [INFO] Sensor PhpSecuritySensor [security] (done) | time=2ms
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2653171Z [INFO] Sensor PythonSecuritySensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2658303Z [INFO] Reading type hierarchy from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/python
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2660959Z [INFO] Read 0 type definitions
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2666150Z [INFO] Reading UCFGs from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/python
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2669347Z [INFO] No UCFGs have been included for analysis.
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2672749Z [INFO] Sensor PythonSecuritySensor [security] (done) | time=2ms
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2676225Z [INFO] Sensor JsSecuritySensor [security]
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2680703Z [INFO] Reading type hierarchy from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/js
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2876406Z [INFO] Read 0 type definitions
2022-03-09T11:26:21.2880035Z [INFO] Reading UCFGs from: /agent/_work/2/s/target/sonar/ucfg2/js
2022-03-09T11:26:21.9286728Z [INFO] 11:26:21.92798 Building Runtime Type propagation graph
2022-03-09T11:26:22.0468563Z [INFO] 11:26:22.046107 Running Tarjan on 7892 nodes
2022-03-09T11:26:22.0593932Z [INFO] 11:26:22.058689 Tarjan found 7892 components
2022-03-09T11:26:22.0860749Z [INFO] 11:26:22.084404 Variable type analysis: done
2022-03-09T11:26:22.0865719Z [INFO] 11:26:22.084935 Building Runtime Type propagation graph
2022-03-09T11:26:22.1645334Z [INFO] 11:26:22.163739 Running Tarjan on 7892 nodes
2022-03-09T11:26:22.1759821Z [INFO] 11:26:22.175418 Tarjan found 7892 components
2022-03-09T11:26:22.2013516Z [INFO] 11:26:22.200489 Variable type analysis: done
2022-03-09T11:26:22.2029255Z [INFO] Analyzing 1205 ucfgs to detect vulnerabilities.
2022-03-09T11:26:23.2547254Z [INFO] Taint analysis starting. Entrypoints: 117
2022-03-09T11:26:23.2550135Z [INFO] Running symbolic analysis for 'JS'
2022-03-09T11:26:26.8277106Z [INFO] Taint analysis: done.
2022-03-09T11:26:26.8312409Z [INFO] Sensor JsSecuritySensor [security] (done) | time=5561ms
2022-03-09T11:26:26.8384371Z [INFO] ------------- Run sensors on project
2022-03-09T11:26:26.8624832Z [INFO] Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor
2022-03-09T11:26:26.8976828Z [INFO] Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor (done) | time=33ms
2022-03-09T11:26:26.8998259Z [INFO] Sensor Java CPD Block Indexer
2022-03-09T11:26:26.9702675Z [INFO] Sensor Java CPD Block Indexer (done) | time=69ms
2022-03-09T11:26:27.0590846Z [INFO] CPD Executor 32 files had no CPD blocks
2022-03-09T11:26:27.0621212Z [INFO] CPD Executor Calculating CPD for 173 files
2022-03-09T11:26:27.1951741Z [INFO] CPD Executor CPD calculation finished (done) | time=132ms
2022-03-09T11:26:27.3757784Z [INFO] Load New Code definition
2022-03-09T11:26:27.4153454Z [INFO] Load New Code definition (done) | time=39ms
2022-03-09T11:26:27.4459934Z [INFO] Analysis report generated in 221ms, dir size=2.9 MB
2022-03-09T11:26:28.2910266Z [INFO] Analysis report compressed in 844ms, zip size=1.2 MB
2022-03-09T11:26:28.5561079Z [INFO] Analysis report uploaded in 265ms
2022-03-09T11:26:28.5593561Z [INFO] ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can browse
2022-03-09T11:26:28.5598446Z [INFO] Note that you will be able to access the updated dashboard once the server has processed the submitted analysis report
2022-03-09T11:26:28.5604170Z [INFO] More about the report processing at
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1920984Z [INFO] Analysis total time: 59.361 s
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1937252Z [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1939127Z [INFO] BUILD SUCCESS
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1941420Z [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1943499Z [INFO] Total time:  13:17 min
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1951619Z [INFO] Finished at: 2022-03-09T11:26:34Z
2022-03-09T11:26:34.1952854Z [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2022-03-09T11:26:34.5586459Z ##[section]Finishing: Run sonar

Here is the file if it matters:


I have upgraded from Node 10 to Node 16.14, too. I would appreciate if you have any other ideas on how to debug this further?

Thank you!


My suggestion was to compare the analysis logs of the two different branches you shared screenshots of; not two different projects. The first thing to do is figure out why one branch has 2.9 Lines to cover and the other has 5k.


Hi @ganncamp,

I did that today and noticed that the SonarQube version is different between the two of them. On the left side we have the successful analysis (showing v8.9.0)

You can also notice that JavaScript/TypeScript frontend is enabled is not showing for the version v9.3.0 which could explain the coverage difference.

Are there any major changes in v9.3.0 that could cause this?

Full comparison is here: Sonar analysis - Diff Checker


Hi Razvan,

The 8.9 analysis log is for PR analysis. It’s natural that you don’t see ‘overall’ values on a PR analysis.