Missing PR decoration comment

Hi I’m in the process of evaluating SonarCloud for use with private repos on a paid plan. I’ve been testing out today using an existing public repo I had in Github.

I understand PR ‘decoration’ is something that should be supported out of the box, Pull Request Analysis | SonarCloud Docs. When I create a new PR I can see the action has been triggered correctly and I can see the run in SonarCloud, I can see a green tick against the action, but no report in a PR comment?

Is this a feature that’s available on the free tier, or is there something misconfigured on my end?

I realised eventually this was misconfiguration on my end when I was looking through the docs:

Once I bound the organisation I’d created manually to my personal Github account, PR decoration was working as expected.

Hey there.

Thanks for the update!

To be honest I’m a bit surprised because when I checked your repo when you first posted… the project was bound. Did you manage to have a bound project but an unbound organization (perhaps having removed the binding after adding the project?)

This is possibly it. I think trying to retrace my steps I looked at the organization I’d created manually and when I was checking here it told me my organization was unbound


As far as I remember I created the organization manually, but didn’t take any steps to ‘unbind it’.

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