Decorate PRs for unbound projects

ALM: GitHub
CI system used: GitHub Actions

I want to confirm something. We have a SonarCloud Organization connected to BitBucket. However, because BitBucket Pipelines have limitations when it comes to building mobile apps, we are using GitHub to host our project. I still want to add the scan report to our pull requests, but I’ve read that this isn’t possible if the project is unbound. Can you confirm if this is the case? We can’t create a SonarCloud project bound to just one repository.

I’ve attempted various methods, such as creating a GitHub access token and setting the following properties, but I’ve had no luck getting it to work.


# sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action@v2 args
-Dsonar.pullrequest.vsts.token.secured=${{ secrets.SONAR_GITHUB_TOKEN }}

Is it even possible, and if not, could it be enabled in the future?



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I’m a little confused. Your organization is bound to BitBucket and that’s where most of your projects are hosted. But one is hosted in GitHub? And it’s under analysis in SonarCloud, but not bound?

I think it’s one DevOps platform per organization and you would need a second organization for GitHub and the projects there.


Hi Ann

Thanks for the response. Apologies for any confusion. I would like to know if it is possible to decorate PRs for an unbound project.

We have quite a complicated org structure and we do not own the GitHub account. So creating a second org for a single repo is not possible. If it’s not possible, that is ok. I can see many sonar properties that indicate that this should be possible but nothing I have tried works.

FYI: We have many repositories in BitBucket but for one repo, a React Native project that we need to host in GitHub. BitBucket pipelines have poor support for building iOS apps which is why we have opted to use GitHub for building our mobile app.

Thank you

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Hi Rich,

No. The “binding” (which is mainly recording data about where the repo lives) allows SonarCloud to reach out and do the decoration.