Misleading fixed issues because bookmark

Hello, I am using jenkins to analyze my projects weekly on default branch (mercurial). I create report contains total fixed issues monthly.

Some of my projects are using bookmark feature on default branch. When I create reports, the projects do fixing around two thousands which raised some questions from my manager. There are issues that has been fixed even though developer has not changed the codes yet. After I check the source code and issues, I find out that I analyze different head. Here are the details.

  1. On 6 Nov, Developer create new head and I analyze the new head because it is becomes the tip, and there are changes in a java class codes. So I got issues from this java class.
  2. On 13 Nov I analyze the project again, and this time the head stills the same with 6Nov, there are no changes in the java class, so I still got the issues.
  3. On 20 Nov, I analyze the project again. But this time, the tip has changed to the other head where the java class has not been changes, so sonar changes the issues status to Fixed.
  4. on 27 Nov, I analyze the project again. This time, the tip has changed back to where the java class has been modified. Therefore, sonar open a new issues.

This means my report is not valid because there are false fixing. I need to create the report woth valid data. Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot

Any update for this issues?