Sonar Issues are fixed without being fixed by developer

Hello, I am using Sonar 6.7.5

I analyze my source code (non maven, mercurial) and get issues @Define a constant instead of duplicating this literal “[variable]” 3 times.’
Then I make changes in that files. I add more lines in between, so lines with the issues is moved from 236 to 238. Then when I analyzed my codes again, line 236 closed as Fixed, while line 238 is open new Issue with same issue.

Why is it? Is it because the line is moved?

thank you :slight_smile:


In this case, the issue tracking algorithm was unable to verify that the issue raised in the new analysis was the same as the issue raised in the old analysis, so it closed the old one and created a new one.

The ‘Understanding which Issues are “New”’ section on this docs page explains how the algorithm works.