Minor issues still being reported

We have run into an issue where I’m sure we are just doing something wrong. We found a reported “Major” that we felt was a minor so we updated it to be treated as a minor. We then setup a new Quality profile and only wanted to report on critical and major for now. This successfully ran but we still see in the results the Minor issues being shown. How do we clear that out? We don’t want to ignore as won’t fix as we want it to still report on minors if we add minors back to the quality profile.

Hi Toby,

Welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Please ensure that you have done the following:

  1. Create customized Quality Profile for the HTML language and another other language you wish to customize.
  2. Remove all rules you do not wish to use. Using “Default Severity” filter and bulk change can help you remove the ones you want quickly.
  3. Set custom Quality Profile as the default for language(s)
  4. Re-analyze the project(s)

All analyses will utilize the new default Quality Profile(s) going forward. Existing issues for the removed rules will automatically close.

Let me know if the above resolves your issue.



This resolved it. i for some reason left a couple of minors in the list when I created the new quality profile. Thanks again!