MIgratin from Okta to AzureAD

Hi, I want to migrate from Okta SSO to AzureAD, how can this process be as seamless as possible?
Also our users will login with different login email, i dont know if its relevant. Thanks for the help!


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To be clear, you’re moving from Okta SAML to Azure SAML, right?

If that’s correct, then based on this guide, you shouldn’t need to do a back-end migration of identity_provider since it will be saml either way.

On the other hand

This part is very relevant, indeed. I’m not seeing a way to update a user’s login. How different will it be? Is it maybe just a matter of case? E.g. ann.campbell@… vs Ann.Campbell@…?


Hello Ann,

Apologies for the delay. The issue at hand involves a mismatch between the old email and the new email format. For example, the old email “ann.campbell@” needs to be updated to “annc@” with changes not only to the domain but also the handle.

Additionally, I encountered another problem after configuring the app in Azure and Sonar. Following authentication with Azure, an error arises stating that “localhost:9000” is not configured as the reply URL.

Thanks for the help!


I think what you’ll need to do is update_identity_provider for each user, setting a newExternalIdentity. (Obvs try this on a test instance first.)