Moving users from LDAP to AzureAD


We have the following:

On-prem sonarqube version: " sonarqube-enterprise-"
Current way of authentication is LDAP.

We want to use Azure AD, so we installed the plugin sonar-auth-aad-plugin-1.3.2 and did all the steps needed.

It now works to sign in using the microsoft account but they are seen as new users.
Is there a way to migrate or link the users so they are not getting a new account?

thanks for any help.


Hi Peter,

Welcome to the community!

I guess you’re saying your users already had accounts in SonarQube and after you added the auth-aad plugin they’re each given a 2nd account?

You might want to switch to the native integration. Barring that, you may need to migrate your users’ existing accounts.


Hi Ann,

Thank you for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:
They are indeed getting a 2nd account.

I also tried the integrated SAML authentication method, but this was not working.
Keep getting the error that user had no access.

The SSO app and settings in sonarqube looks ok, but i could not really troubleshoot this issue since i could not see any errors etc.

I think its not working because of the users missing the Emailadress in sonarqube account.
How can i get this entity filled?

Any troubleshooting guideline for SAML?



Did you check the links in my previous post?

Also, we’ve expanded the SAML integration docs in recent versions.

Regarding email addresses, you should be able to fill them in via the UI: Administration → Security → Users → [user row] → [cog menu] → Update details