SAML and Current Users

Hello guys!

I’m running Sonarqube 8.5.1 (build 38104) on Linux.

I have LDAP setup and working fine but would like to move to ADFS/SSO. I have a bunch of users already from the LDAP.

I was able to setup the SSO and it seems working but I noticed for current users it shows a message that I’m afraid to continue so I disabled the SSO while I’m not sure about this and having people losing data. I did a test with a test account and it was duplicated.

Does anyone have any recommendation or previous experience applying SSO to current users?



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Indeed, if you move from one authentication system to another one, it will not be possible for existing users to keep all their information (permissions, issues assignment, etc.), a new account will be created.
If you really need this, you’ll need for this ticket to be implemented, but there’s no ETA for the moment.


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Hi Julien,

I see you guys have made some progress :blush: and it should be available in 8.7. Is there any date when this release should be ready for download?



Hi @dimago , 8.7 is currently available with the new LDAP to SAML migration capability. Try it out!


Thank you Joe!


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