SAML and Current Users

Hello guys!

I’m running Sonarqube 8.5.1 (build 38104) on Linux.

I have LDAP setup and working fine but would like to move to ADFS/SSO. I have a bunch of users already from the LDAP.

I was able to setup the SSO and it seems working but I noticed for current users it shows a message that I’m afraid to continue so I disabled the SSO while I’m not sure about this and having people losing data. I did a test with a test account and it was duplicated.

Does anyone have any recommendation or previous experience applying SSO to current users?




Indeed, if you move from one authentication system to another one, it will not be possible for existing users to keep all their information (permissions, issues assignment, etc.), a new account will be created.
If you really need this, you’ll need for this ticket to be implemented, but there’s no ETA for the moment.