Migrate from Oteemo chart to sonarSource chart

Hello Community,

I am currently using oteemo chart, and want to migrate to sonarsource chart.

I tried upgrading using helm upgrade by replacing the chart and the chart version.
I am getting ’ Back-off restarting failed container` i also tried increasing the livenessprobe delay seconds, but still its not running.

what else i need to adjust ? can some one please help me with the chart migration for existing working sonarqube,

basically the pod is failing on started container install-plugins .

Thank you,
Muhammad Atib Junaid

Hi Muhammad,

Welcome to the community!

Are you simultaneously doing a version upgrade or keeping the same version and just going from one chart to another?

It may be easier to just start fresh and just make sure you point your new instance to your old database, to keep your project history.


Hello Ann,
Thank you for your response.

I already had a running sonarqube with the otmeo chart.

What i did is
I changed the url in chart.yaml file and did a helm dependency update

Customized the values.yaml file and did a helm upgrade

Then the pod gives me error stated above.

Thank you
Atib Junaid

Hi Atib,

Maybe start over with our official chart? And here are the docs.


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