Deployment with Helm Chart fails if database updgrade is needed

Helm Chart has invalid livenessProbe when database upgrade is needed

  • versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
    • Chart: sonarqube/sonarqube-lts, exact version: sonarqube-lts-1.0.23+179
    • SonarQube application: 8.9.6 LTS
    • old SonarQube application: 8.5.1-community
  • error observed (wrap logs/code around triple quote ``` for proper formatting)
    • Application pod ends up in crash loop.


  • SonarQube won’t start completely up so the Kubernetes probe fails and Kubernetes kills the process.


  • SQ’s “web” process is in “safe mode” and reports status RED to livenessProbe.
  • “web” is in “safe mode” because the database needs upgrade for the new SQ version. This is quite normal, you do it by going to SQ_URL/setup and let it upgrade. But web stays in safe mode until upgrade is complete.
  • Kubernetes does not mark the pod as “Running” and “Healthy” because livenessProbe fails. Pod is soon restarted and the loop goes on.


  • The livenessProbe is defined in templates/sonarqube-sts.yaml. On line 302 it accepts health: GREEN or health: YELLOW responses. Modify this to accept also health: RED.
  • Install:
# The folder sonarqube-lts-1.0.23+179 contains the modified chart.
$ helm3 -n sonarqube install sonarqube sonarqube-lts-1.0.23+179 -f values.yaml
  • Now the probe passes and Kubernetes lets traffic go to the pod. Browse to ../setup, upgrade the database, redeploy with unmodified sonarqube/sonarqube-lts chart.

Hello @apa64
thanks for your feedback, and for sharing a work around! :+1:

As you’ve seen with the LTS helm chart definition, the pod Liveness is directly mapped to the api/system/health SonarQube API endpoint, which provides a slightly different information:

That’s the case only for the LTS chart though. With SONAR-15239 a liveness endpoint was added to SonarQube 9.1+ API. The 9.x helmchart relies on this new endpoint and should not suffer from any such upgrade problem.

Warning: the last step of the work around described by Antii is to come back to the original chart, this is important as the work around practically disables the livenessProbe

Alternative: Another work around would be to apply the upgrade before the move to K8S.

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