Broken Liveness Check in Helm Chart

I am running SonarQube Enterprise with the 10.0 Helm chart, and discovered a bug in the liveness check that causes it to incorrectly succeed when the system is down.

The check is written as follows:

Liveness:  exec [sh -c host="$(hostname -i || echo '')"
reply=$(wget --no-proxy -qO- --header="X-Sonar-Passcode: $SONAR_WEB_SYSTEMPASSCODE" http://${host}:9000/api/system/liveness 2>&1)
if [ -z "$reply" ]; then exit 0; else exit 1; fi
] delay=60s timeout=10s period=30s #success=1 #failure=6

The problem however, is when the server returns a 500 error there is no content in the reply. Since we have an external PostgreSQL database via Google Cloud SQL, I was able to simulate a problem with the database by breaking the database connectivity, but the status of the pod shows up as Running when it is in fact in a failure mode.

When I shell into the SonarQube container and run the liveness check commands manually I am able to prove this out in more detail.

sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ host="$(hostname -i || echo '')"
sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ echo $host
sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ reply=$(wget --no-proxy -qO- --header="X-Sonar-Passcode: $SONAR_WEB_SYSTEMPASSCODE" http://${host}:9000/api/system/liveness 2>&1)
sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ echo $?
sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ echo $reply

sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ wget --no-proxy --header="X-Sonar-Passcode: $SONAR_WEB_SYSTEMPASSCODE" http://${host}:9000/api/system/liveness 2>&1
--2023-04-26 22:09:38--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 500 
2023-04-26 22:09:46 ERROR 500: (no description).

sonarqube@sonarqube-test-sonarqube-0:/opt/sonarqube$ echo $?

I think the solution is probably as simple as removing the entire conditional from the check, because wget will always return a non-zero status for any non 200 response, and the /api/system/liveness API should never return a 3xx code.

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Hey there.

Thanks for mentioning the version of the Helm chart you’re using. Can you confirm what version of SonarQube you’re using (it should be in the footer of your instance)

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Version 10.0 (build 68432)

Hello @RyanH, the feature has been merged on this PR.

Thanks again a lot for your contribution !

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