Metrics for New Code has changed

The sonarcloud metrics for “new code” has changed:

But it is not consistent with overall code metrics

I would rather have the old metrics on the new code because I already made external trend reports assuming I would still be able to get the same metrics.

– Charlie Teague

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Good news. I see that I can get the metrics, that I use to get for the new code from the overview page.

I would like to better understand the new metrics on the “new code” page.

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Hello @csteague7,
the changes you’ve noticed are directly related to the introduction of Clean Code in Sonar products. Specifically, we’ve deprecated the previous notion of issue type (bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells) - you can read more about this change here.
As part of Clean Code, we’ve also recently introduced the concept of ‘Accepted’ issues, i.e. issues that you’ve decided not to fix immediately and that will be visible as part of your technical debt - more info about this change is here.

Hope that helps,

@Marco_Comi thank you for the link to the article about the change.

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