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Hello SonarCloud :sonarcloud: users,

We are making an update that enhances how you manage code issues. Developers can now mark an issue as “accepted” instead of “won’t fix”. This comes with clear messaging on how accepting an issue contributes to your project’s technical debt.


We will be taking this a step further and making this information available on Pull Requests as well. This means development teams will have the capability to monitor the technical debt accumulating from accepted issues, making project management smoother and more transparent.

Thank you for your continued support!

The SonarCloud team


When something is marked as accepted will it pop back up in the future PRs or does it need to be reviewed separately? To rephrase, what is the a difference in behavior vs the prior “Won’t fix”, or is the change purely wording?

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Our intention is to make it clear that issues marked as Accepted constitute technical debt and to help you quantify and track such debt. As a first step, we’re going to display the number of issues that were accepted to pull requests and branch summary pages (for New Code and for Overall Code) - that is coming pretty soon :wink:

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Good, if these numbers can be displayed prominently on the PR checks section in GitHub that would be a useful indicator for reviewers before they approve. Thanks!


So, “Accepted” means “For this MR I am OK with this”, but it still counts towards the total tech debt of the product and remains visible as an issue?

This is related to my question here, which is still awaiting an answer: Fix your Quality Gates today to maximise impact - #4 by james2

Hello @james2, I’ve just answered you in the other thread. You are right, “Accepted” means “For this MR I am OK with this”, but it still counts towards the total tech debt of the product.

Thank you @Marco_Comi . One clairifying question though - on this thread you said “it [accepted issues] still counts towards the total tech debt of the product.” and on the other, they (accepted issues) will no longer count towards my overall maintainability rating on existing code.

Could you clarify here? Do accepted issues count towards " Technical debt (sqale_index )" ? Do they count towards " Maintainability rating (sqale_rating )" ?

Thanks for your help.

thanks for the question @james2, indeed there is a pretty important nuance to be clarified here.
We’ve made a move to enable you to Accept an issue, meaning your Quality Gate will not be affected by this issue and you can merge your MR, while we provide clear messaging on how accepting an issue contributes to your project’s technical debt. The latter part for now is only materialized by displaying the total number of Accepted issues for a merge request, or for a project branch.
For now, accepting an issue does not have any impact on ratings like Technical debt (sqale_index ) or Maintainability rating (sqale_rating )"; this looks a bit inconsistent and the reason is that we’re delivering those changes in iterations. In particular, we don’t want to rush through changes on ratings as they can have an impact on the Quality Gate status; we expect to work on that a bit later.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying that.

It seems like accepted issues should modify Technical debt (sqale_index ) and Maintainability rating (sqale_rating )" in Merge Requests (so that the MR can be merged by meeting the quality gate), but should NOT modify those values on Overall Code (so that one can truly understand the debt/maintainability)

@Martin_Bednorz I noticed that the wording in the Notification settings should be updated. They currently say “Issues resolved as false positive or won’t fix”.

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Great catch @sodul ! We’ll fix that.

Hey there, the wording in the notification settings has been fixed on Prod.

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