Dismiss Issues Marked as “Accepted”

Hello SonarCloud :sonarcloud: users,

We are making an update that enhances how you manage code issues. Developers can now mark an issue as “accepted” instead of “won’t fix”. This comes with clear messaging on how accepting an issue contributes to your project’s technical debt.


We will be taking this a step further and making this information available on Pull Requests as well. This means development teams will have the capability to monitor the technical debt accumulating from accepted issues, making project management smoother and more transparent.

Thank you for your continued support!

The SonarCloud team


When something is marked as accepted will it pop back up in the future PRs or does it need to be reviewed separately? To rephrase, what is the a difference in behavior vs the prior “Won’t fix”, or is the change purely wording?

Our intention is to make it clear that issues marked as Accepted constitute technical debt and to help you quantify and track such debt. As a first step, we’re going to display the number of issues that were accepted to pull requests and branch summary pages (for New Code and for Overall Code) - that is coming pretty soon :wink:

Good, if these numbers can be displayed prominently on the PR checks section in GitHub that would be a useful indicator for reviewers before they approve. Thanks!

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