[META] I can only vote on 6 things?

It appears I can only have 6 votes? How is this limit determined/set? It seems unfair that in order to vote anything else up I have to remove a vote from another post.


The vote limit is built into Discourse, the underlying software, and varies by trust level. Even I have a vote limit (it’s just a little higher - 10 - than yours).

I guess you’re used to a SO voting model where you’re encouraged to scatter votes like flower petals. Here I think the idea is that you’ll be forced to judiciously vote only for the things that are really important to you. Like in development; you can’t have everything at once & adding a new feature to the budget can mean removing or compromising on another one.


And to complement Ann’s post, I understand that when posts get closed, the votes get returned!

Threads with a solution haven’t been systematically closed until recently – closing up some threads that have a Yes/No determination in the Suggest a Feature category might be something we should look into.

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