Community satisfaction survey, June 2023

Help us out by answering just 1 question?
How likely are you to recommend this community to a colleague?
(We may reach out to some respondents.)
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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 8
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  • 10

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Will the result be shared, or visible at the end of the survey period?

Hi @Carl_G,

That’s a fair question. It’s not something we’ve done previously. But I’ll bring it up internally.


Hi again @Carl_G,

After discussing this, we’re going to continue to keep the results internal since they’re collected and intended as an internal tool.


Strange… 135 have voted so far without any indication as to whether 1=unlikely and 10=likely–or the other way round… I’d expect a statistical majority at 5, as 5-voters wouldn’t care, anyway, whereas others might decide not to vote at all…

But then again, maybe it’s just the first vote that I’ve seen here, and my doubt was already clarified several times for past votes…

When I clicked the poll from the notifications at top-right, the vote showed up at the bottom, including a legend… but here on the actual poll-page there is no legend. still strange, but I could now vote. (before, I had arrived from a mail, and I didn’t see the bottom-side popup, and thus neither the legend.)

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