Merge Request decoration failed


I’m getting this warning upon merge request analysis.

Merge Request decoration failed. Please check your configuration and the connectivity to GitLab

I know there are a few posts discussing this same issue but it didn’t help much.
The message suggests some connectivity configuration but is there anything special to be configured ?
Both instances of Gitlab and SonarQube are hosted on the internal network of the company and there are no proxy settings.
I’m using Jenkins with Gitlab plugin.
The analysis is successfully published to SonarQube.
However, the merge request is not decorated.
I’m using SonarQube Version 9.9 (build 65466).

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I believe the setup is here but I have no access. I will check with admins.

Administration > Configuration > General Settings > DevOps Platform Integrations

I recently ran into this issue myself and the most generic solution is to make a new merge / pull request to duplicate the decoration not working, then check the SonarQube logs and fix whatever it is complaining about. You can do this within your SonarQube instance from Administration > System > Download Logs and look for errors. I found the relevant errors in my case within ce.log

In my case the solution was to update the “repository name” field within the relevant SonarQube project’s “DevOps Platform Integration” section:
Sonarqube Project Settings > General Settings > DevOps Platform Integration > Repository Name.

Apparently for PR / MR decoration to work this field has to be correct + in the correct format which is the last part of the project URL that looks like organization/repoName.

On the “DevOps Platform Integration” page there’s also a button to “check configuration” that verifies if it should work with the current configuration. If this is green and you still have problems, there’s something else going on. Again- check the sonarqube logs as I described above.