Gitlab Merge Request Decoration Stopped Working

SonarQube server:
GitLab CE (self hosted): 12.9.1

We’ve had GitlLb merge request decoration working for awhile now. It has all of a sudden stopped working with no configuration changes. We keep both our SonarQube and GitLab always up to date. Is there a change in the latest version of GitLab that is keeping the merge request decoration from working?

SonarQube is displaying the warning on the merge request:

Merge Request decoration failed. Please check your configuration and the connectivity to GitLab

however nothing has changed about the configuration.

Hello, is there any useful information on your ce.log ? Should appear at the end of the analysis task.

Thank you for the quick response. It seems that restarting SonarQube server has fixed the issue. I have attached the log though. Looks like a connect time out. Not sure what’s causing that. We run both GitLab and SonarQube in a private VPC within AWS.

sonarqube_ce.txt (625.1 KB)

We actually run into this issue all the time. Restarting the server seems to fix it for a day or two, then it’s back to not working.

Is there anything we can do to fix this permanently?

Hi, please give a try at the workaround described here