Merge request decoration and plugin midification

During POC of SonarQube developer edition, we encountered some problems.

I can’t find how to configure merge request decoration to put Sonar issues to inline comments in Gitlab. I get only one summary comment on whole pull request. This behavior is very inconvenient for our developers. They will have to spend more time doing review while switching between Gitlab and SonarQube interfaces. I’ve googled this problem and found that you disabled this functionality. Is this correct? Do you have plans to return this feature back?

Also we want to use SonarLint to check our Go code in VS Code in connected mode. Do you have plans to add this feature? How long can it take? If I make this feature on my own, can I use the modified plugin (sonar-go-plugin) in the developer edition of SonarQube?

My environment info:
VCS - GitLab Community Edition [12.10.1]
CI - GitLab CI
SonarQube Developer Edition - v8.3.1.34397

I’m using for analysis of SonarLint following topics:

Hi Konstantin,

Welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Decoration of Merge Requests in Gitlab is a relatively recent feature and you are correct that it currently only adds a summary comment to the MR. In-line comments were never part of our integration and may be something that was part of a third-party plugin that we do not develop, endorse or support. Your feedback is noted and we will continue to improve our integration over time and as supported by Gitlab.

Your link to the GitHub issue regarding support for Go in SonarLint VSCode is what you should follow for information and progress on this feature. We do not support custom language plug-ins for SonarLint at this time.