Merge Requests support for GitLab does not seem to support Gitlab (self hosted).

Would be great if it was the case!

The good news is that GitLab is in our radar. Probably stating in 2019.

When you say 2019 you mean next year right? :sweat_smile:

To What extent could it be achieved in GitLab plugin? (

Yes, I mean next year :slight_smile:

I don’t know know this plugin, so I can’t tell. What is sure is that support of PR decoration for GitLab on SonarCloud cannot be achieved through a plugin since it’s not possible to install third-party plugins in SonarCloud.

Ok in my case I’m using a self hosted SonarQube server.

I think there are two different aspects of the MR support I’d like to have:

  • Having real MR discussion (not commit discussion). GitLab recently allowed that into their API.
  • Having information on the MR about the general quality (Code coverage, Quality Gate,…). Right now it was achieved by comments by the GitLab plugin.
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I couldn’t agree more. We are about to build CI/CD for our projects. We are using SonarQube 7.3 and we can’t connect Gitlab with Sonar via third party plugin. I think 2019 is too late. :frowning:

As there been any update on this? 2019 is still a goal? Do you have indication about if its going to be early 2019 or late 2019?Thanks :smiley:

We don’t have visibility on this. :confused:

To be fully transparent: we contacted GitLab and had discussions with them. They are not very keen on working tightly with us to integrate our products and services. So we prefer to focus on integrations for which we have a good partnership and a privileged relationship with the solution providers (Microsoft, Atlassian and GitHub). It’s sad, but there’s nothing more we can do because we don’t know nor use GitLab products - so such tight integration can’t be done just by us.

Do you plan to expose the PR functionalities to plugin authors ? I feel like Gitlab plugin ( could then add this support.

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Hi @Fabrice_Bellingard
Any update about GitLab discussions ?

Is this still stalled? Is there a feature request ticket on Gitlab side of things we can add votes for?

Hi there!

Nothing moved since my last message, and to be honest I don’t expect things to move in the near future given the “one-single-product-for-everything” strategy that GitLab follows. Basically, they don’t want integrations with tools/services which can lead their users to move out of the GitLab user experience. And on our side, we consider that their code-quality features are too poor to be efficient (= basic reporting of issues on merge requests) and this breaks the overall user experience that we are designing for our users and customers (e.g. the concept of quality gate or the ability to get into details to understand issues).


GitLab recently added a feature called “Review Apps” (see - Would that be a good fit for SonarQube?

Hi @TobiX,

Thanks for thinking of us, but I don’t understand how they could help. From my reading of the post, they deploy the code built for the merge request. So that still doesn’t open the window for what we want to do: annotate the merge request and link back to the SQ interface for the rich experience.

Am I reading it wrong?


Would simply commenting the merge request without the linkback be more acceptable to the Gitlab folks?

Issue on the gitlab issue board seems to discuss this problem somewhat as well, so there is demand for this sort of feature.

No, sorry. I interpreted the feature wrong. You are totally right :smiley:

@Fabrice_Bellingard Do you think it would be possible to keep the preview analysis mode (removed in 7.7) a few versions while things move forward with GitLab on your side ?

You removed the ability for plugin authors (from the community) to provide that kind of features… fine you have a business to run. But you do not provide any paying alternatives that at least have the same feature set that the plugin offered. For paying customers who use GitLab I don’t think it’s cool at all.

Hi @jairbubbles,

We won’t be bringing back the preview mode, and we are not “moving forward with GitLab on (our) side”.

This is not an integration we can do on our own, and GitLab isn’t interested in working with us.

I understand your frustration. We understand your frustration. We would love to work on this. But it takes two to tango.



It looks like this open source plugin does everything people want

Including annotated lines and stuff.

Would be awesome if you could just integrate that for a start while no close partnership is on the way.

(In other words, just make it a pre installed plugin)

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What @LennyPenny said.

There is an plugin which has all features for sonarqube.
Where is the problem to handle it the exact same way as the plugin does?