Marking 500 issues of same type in a file as Resolve wont Fix at a time

I found a section of code in the SonarQube scan where the same issue is reported for multiple consecutive lines of code. I’ve addressed it accordingly, but it is still flagged as an open issue for 100’s of lines of code. I see where I can flag any individual issue as resolved, but in this case, there are over 500 instances of the same issue. Do you know if there is a way, besides turning off an entire rule, that I can select a group of issues in a single file, and mark them all as resolved? I would rather not have to go over each one of these over 500 issues to flag them as resolved - that would take hours to complete.

Hey there.

Then the issue shouldn’t be raised any longer – but I’ll let you file a False-positive if you think it’s neccessary.

This checkbox and Bulk Change button will let you do exactly that.