Major bug not backported to LTS version?

In this major bug ticket : [SONAR-15952] New code detection when using reference branch and rebasing doesn't detect some commits on branch - SonarSource we can read :
" The issue was definitely fixed in SonarQube 9.4 (see SONAR-14929 and SONAR-15697) and is not planned to be backported to 8.9 LTS."

This is a big disappointment because we were waiting for it. I guess it requires some work to backport it, but isn’t it the purpose of LTS versions to receive all major fixes ?


Hi Tristan,

Thanks for your message. I can understand your disappointment and this has been discussed at length internally. Unfortunately, there’s no path for us to fix the issue in the LTS that we feel comfortable with. The change is a major one, and we think that doing it would compromise the promise that we make with LTS: stability.
The path for resolution is going to be to upgrade your SonarQube version to 9.4+.