Sonarqube LTS does not have a released language fix


our team has, self hosted SonarQube Community edition 9.9.0 LTS. It is hosted using docker. We use it to scan PHP projects. However, we are facing same issue that is being discussed in this thread:
False positive for named parameter alignment in PHP.

The issue is resolved, and I can see the fix was made, however its only available on 10 version. 9.9 LTS does not have a fix. I saw that there was a new release of 9.9.1 LTS version, and tried to update it, but it seems that this version still does not have the fix. I did some investigation and it looks like that 9.9.1 version does not have dependencies updated.

Here you can see, that the needed fix was released on Mar 6 with version tag of However, the latest LTS release, that was made on Apr 28 still uses old version (, that has no fix on it.

Here is the proof (source):

I am not familiar with SonarQube’s release flow, but I want to know will there be fix on LTS version or it is only for 10 version? If the fix is going to be released for LTS version when we could expect it?

Thank you in advance!

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+1, this would be very welcome.
I’d like to stay on LTS version but still receive this bugfix, as it’s creating many false positives.

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SonarQube LTS doesn’t get any rule FPs fixes. We thought about it a couple of years ago and concluded it would be a nightmare to manage that for 30+ languages.

We only provide a fix for rules if:

  • All projects can’t be analyzed
  • Most analyses suffer many errors and/or big performance issues