Fixed bug also for LTS version?

Hi there,

I reported an issue with importing rubocop rules as external issues some months ago (you can find it here Error while importing rubocop report in 9.9 LTS)

and we were waiting for this bug fix to finally be released in a new version. With the releases from november, we figurred out that 10.3 has now published our needed fix, but the LTS 9.9.X has not ben enriched by this bug fix.

Our policy is to stick to your LTS releases so we like to know if this fix can also be part of the next LTS?
We are currently stuck on the 8.9. former LTS until we find a proper solution for our importing issue.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!


We only address critical bugs in the LTS. You won’t be seeing this fix in an LTS until the 10.x LTS.