Lost the administrator access after enabling the OKTA SSO for my SonarQube dashboard, please let me know how restore the permission level to admin user

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • which versions are you using (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)

Community Edition Version 7.9.3 (build 33349)

  • what are you trying to achieve

Trying to grant the admin permission for the OKTA user, so that they can perform the respective upgrade activity.


Welcome to the community!

First, your version is past EOL. You should upgrade to either the latest version or the current LTS at your earliest convenience. Your upgrade path is:

7.9.3 → 8.9.6 → 9.2.4 (last step optional)

You may find the Upgrade Guide and the LTS-to-LTS Upgrade Notes helpful. If you have questions about upgrading, feel free to open a new thread for that here.

Once you’ve upgraded, take a look at the docs on restoring admin permissions.


Thanks for the response, the steps are followed as given in the below link, I was able to enable the SSO on Sonarqube however the admin group members are not getting admin access. As an admin even I have lost my administrator access. Please assist how to change this setting on the server.

we are using Sonarqube * Community Edition* Version 7.9.3

Manjunath BS