Lombok lombok/launch/PatchFixesHider$Transform Issue SonarLint


I’m using Sonarlint 7.0, on STS 4.12.0.Release, and I have lombok agent version 1.18.22 installed on my STS.

But I’m getting an error similar to this all the time:

An internal error occurred during: “SonarLint processing file /path/to/Class.java”.

This was happening with sonarlint 6.2 as well, and I created a new workspace and re-imported all the projects but the errors didn’t go away, as I saw on older threads about similar issue.

Can someone help me?

Hi @marcelo-muniz

This issue should have been fixed year ago on Lombok side:

Similar thread: Sonarlint Eclipse Plugin + Eclipse with LOMBOK Extension

Can you try to update Lombok?

I’m already using the latest lombok version 1.18.22.

This is the config SprintToolSuite4.ini

What else do I need to check?

Sorry I don’t know lombok project enough to help you. Maybe you could ask on their forum.