An internal error occurred during: "SonarLint processing file -lombok/launch/PatchFixesHider$Transform

Eclipse version = Eclipse 2020-12-R-Win32-X86-64
Sonar lint = 5.7
I have installed llombok.jar in eclipse , 1.18.4 and tried 1.18.8

I have verified eclipse.ini as well , here entry of lombok.jar is present . But still i face this issue - whenever i open Eclipse IDE

Now i Open any java file in eclipse one pop-up cmoes , sonar-lint process error :

An internal error occurred during: “SonarLint processing file /”.

Hey there.

The latest version of SonarLint for Eclipse is v7.3.1, while v5.7 was released about a year go. How about you try upgrading and see if the issue persists?

Hello Colin,

I have upgraded sonar lint as you said ( v7.3.1), and it resolved the problem.
Thanks a lot.

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