Internal Error when SonarLint processes file - lombok

Eclipse Neon Release (4.6.0), SonarLint 5.1, Lombok 1.18.12

When opening a Java file in Eclipse that uses Lombok annotations an exception is shown in the IDE: (note filename replaced with …)
An internal error occurred during: “SonarLint processing file /…java”.

This issue is very similar to what was reported in the following ticket, i.e.e exact same error in IDE:

The suggested fix on the above ticket (upgrading to Lombok 1.18.12) however did not resolve my issue.

To replicate, install SonarLint 5.1 from within Eclipse Neon using Eclipse MarketPlace, activate SonarLint with the project and open a .java file that has lombok import/annotations.

Hi @JohanOM

The issue was fixed on Lombok side, and many users confirmed that it works for them. Can you double check the version of Lombok you are using? Upgrading lombok in your project dependencies is not enough, you have to update lombok agent used by Eclipse (check your eclipse.ini).

Thank you @Julien_HENRY! My bad, I didn’t update the lombok agent used by Eclipse. I can confirm that the issue I had is resolved with Lombok 1.18.12.

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