Login issue with one of the user

Hello Team,

We’ve encountered an issue where a user is failing authentication, although the user is reporting no problems. Upon investigation, we found that the user’s authentication fails when they authenticate from AD to Crowd. After the synchronization from AD to Crowd, Crowd connects to the Sonar application, but Splunk logs indicate a Crowd Authentication failure. We’ve reached out to Atlassian Support, who confirmed the authentication failure is originating from Sonar. However, after reviewing the logs and speaking with the user, no errors or login issues are apparent.

Can you please help me out how to resolve this issue.

Attached screenshot Error From Splunk

2023-10-09 08:38:03,538 http-nio-8095-exec-35 DEBUG [crowd.manager.application.ApplicationServiceGeneric] Trying to authenticate user ‘tyavuz’ in directory ‘Vitech AD Connector (720897)’ for application 'vitechsonarv310uc’2023-10-09 08:38:03,623 http-nio-8095-exec-35 INFO [crowd.manager.application.ApplicationServiceGeneric] Invalid credentials for user ‘tyavuz’ in directory ‘Vitech AD Connector (720897)’, aborting


I’m deeply confused about what system is supposed to be authenticating the user:

  • AD
  • Crowd
  • SonarQube

And authenticating to what? The user is trying to access… SonarQube?

Also, the logs you’ve posted come from…? SonarQube? Crowd? AD? Somethin else?