List of Specific Issues by Type

I want to see all occurrences of a rule violation like java:S3655 in my VCS changed files. Is there a way to filter and search on this to get a list I can focus on resolving a particular rule?


Hello @prowave and welcome to the SonarSource community forum!
Currently, there is a simple way to review all the issues within your VCS changes files: simply try to commit using the IDE menu, ensuring that the “Perform SonarLint analysis” option is checked, and SonarLint will display a report of all issues found in your changeset.
In the report, you will see icons to help you tell apart different issue types (bug, code smell, security vulnerabilities) and different issue severities (Blocker, critical, etc).
On the other hand, it is currently not possible to only display one particular rule violation; it is however possible to disable all rules that you are not interested in.
May I ask you to elaborate a little why you’d like to filter to one particular rule violation, to help us understand your use case?