SonarLint for IntelliJ 7.4 - Introducing Clean Code principles and automatic patch selection

Hello IntelliJ users,

last month we introduced richer and more structured rule descriptions for injection vulnerabilities. In the January release, we’ve made further improvements:

  • When multiple patch instructions are available for an issue, SonarLint tries to automatically select the most appropriate one based on the library or framework you’re using. This is now available for a selection of injection vulnerabilities and it will progressively extended to more rules.
  • We’re complementing our issue descriptions with more generic educational contents that will help you build cleaner, safer and more robust code. We’ve called them “Clean Code Principles” and they’re available in the “More info” tab. Here is an example:

For our C++ users in CLion, this month’s release also adds adds 13 new rules to help you make the best of C++20 ’s std::format feature.

You can find the full release notes here.