Link to F# plugin goes to a fork

or I could just fix the link.


P.S. We’re working to move the plugin documentation into the embedded documentation (E.T.A. 7.8). In that move the Other Plugins page will go away, but the link is correct in the meantime.


Will in the future only your official Plugins named in the documentation?


Excellent question. In fact, we’ll still include a listing of everything in the Marketplace (an updated version of the Plugin Version Matrix), just not non-Marketplace plugins. BTW in case you’re interested in making the jump, I’m happy to answer questions about:


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It’s not my plugin - thus it’s not my decision to go to marketplace or not. I’m only trying to use it on our Sonarqube server.

Unfortunately there will then probably no longer any F# plugin linked on your pages: Any plans for a F# scanner?

We’ll probably add languages, but I don’t know what they’ll be. Right now we’re focused hot-n-heavy on making security analysis better in the existing languages.


Hello Ann,

as I was demanding for some updates of the free F# plugin the owner invited me to work on it :wink:

If we want to make steps in direction of a marketplace plugin, we need to analyze it on Sonarcloud. There we see some difficulties:

  • Part of the source is F#. As the plugin is not available on Sonarcloud (yet), how can we analyze it there? This is probably a question rised from other new language plugins, so maybe you can give us a reference how we should solve this issue.
  • The CI build is done on appveyor. Is there any task for Sonarcloud available?

Thanks in Advance

You’re welcome also to answer directly in the issue tracking system at


These are great questions. I’m out of pocket for the next week so it’s not easy for me to do the behind the scenes redirection and pinging I would normally do with this. So could you repost these questions in a new thread in th SC category, please?



Thanks @ganncamp, as you proposed I created a new thread .