How to analyze new language on Sonarcoud from Appveyor

On Github an additional plugin to analyze F# is available.

If we want to make steps to deploy to the Marketplace, the plugin needs to be analyzed on Sonarcloud. There we see some difficulties:

  • Part of the source is written in F#. As the plugin is not available on Sonarcloud (yet), how can we analyze it there? This is probably a question rised from other new language plugins, so maybe someone can give us a reference how we should solve this issue.
  • The CI build is done on appveyor. Is there any task for Sonarcloud already available? I found an article but there would still remain issues to analyze pull requests.

Thanks - and any contributions to the F# Plugin are welcome :wink:

Hi Volker,

For your first point: you can analyze the Java part only, this will be fine.

For the 2nd one: there is unfortunately no specific integration with AppVeyor.

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Thanks a lot @Fabrice_Bellingard.
Thus we need to run the sonnar scanner for Maven for Java wrapper and the F# part (in near future hopefully dotnet publish) will be omitted.

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