Any plans for a F# scanner?

(Volker Milbrandt) #1

Are there any plans to offer a F# scanner for SonarQube? Would be great to integrate it to keep an eye on code quality and code coverage.

As the .NET languages C# and VB already are supported, the main missing language of the .NET eco System is F#.

I know of the unofficial F# plugin on Github but it seems not to be maintained.

Link to F# plugin goes to a fork
(Nicolas Harraudeau) #3

Hi @milbrandt,

Thank you for your feedback. There is currently no plan to add an F# analyzer. We will take your input into account when we will choose the next language to add.

Could you tell us the amount of code you need to analyze?


(Volker Milbrandt) #4

Hello @Nicolas_Harraudeau,

thanks for your information - unfortunately your answer is not what I whised to read.

We started last summer to use F# in our group, especially with regard to web development. F# allows us to use the same language on the backend and the frontend (via Fable). Another part are build scripts (fake).

Up to now F# development has grown up to roughly 430 fs files and 28,000 lines of code. As mentioned before, this is still in early stage and is scheduled to our customers for 2020.

IMHO the analyzers are a great help not only to find bugs but also when learning a new language.

(Autodidax86) #5


we also have added Sonarqube recently and are using it to improve our code. But a lot of code is written in F# and SonarQube is not able to analyze it.
Since F# is not really a new programming language, when can we expect an F# analyzer?

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