Limit Organization to Only Private Projects


We’re in the process of setting up Sonarcloud for our organization and want to know if we can limit the scope of our organization to private projects only. We are currently using a 1 month trial license for private projects and will soon be paying monthly. We are dealing with sensitive data and want to make it impossible for any developer to make their project public, is this possible?

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Hi @James_Farley,

Which ALM are you using ?

If it’s one of GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket, then if you select a private repo to be bound, then it will be automatically selected as private on SonarCloud.

On Azure DevOps it’s quite different since we don’t have a binding between the 2, you can select the visibility at creation time.


For DevOps it would be nice to have an org level setting to force all projects to be private.