LDAP authentication issues

Hey, using SonarQube Community edition I am trying to hookup AD to sonarqube so that the devs in my organization can just use the company account to sign in. I have configured the config file to do just that. Yet, when I start up sonarqube and go to log in, I am getting authentication issues. The logs say that:

2021.02.23 19:27:31 ERROR web[AXfP4ChzIv3QOeC1AAIt][o.s.s.a.CredentialsExternalAuthentication] Error during authentication
org.sonar.auth.ldap.LdapException: Unable to retrieve details for user chamer: No user mapping found.

Is there something possible wrong with the config file? Thanks

Edit: I should add that I already have sonarqube hooked up to an SQL server and is running as a service.


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I’m certainly no LDAP expert, but this is going to be about your LDAP config strings. I’m guessing (because I have to) that either ldap.user.request or ldap.user.baseDn is the issue. It’s clear from your error that you’re successfully connecting to your LDAP server & authenticating (if you need to) to perform the search. It’s the search itself that’s the problem. Your best bet is to use a 3rd-party utility to figure out exactly what your queries should look like and then plug them into SonarQube.


Here are my settings for those 2:



I will give your potential solution a try but are my settings potentially missing something? Thank you for the quick response