Latest versions of Java require paid Java SE license?

Using latest version of Sonar Qube -

I’m trying to run SonarScanner but it’s complaining about not having Java_Home configured so I’m looking at installing Java SE 8 but the Oracle site wants me to create an account and pay for the license from what I can tell although it’s not clear. Do I really have to create an account with another company and pay for a separate license to run SonarScanner?

SonarQube needs Java 8 to run. If you do not have Oracle JRE, you can download and use free OpenJDK 8.

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Consideration should go into which download users should get (if any at all).

You can also get SonarQube Scanner with a bundled JRE from (using the platform-specific downloads).


And to complete the topic, we are working on official support for Java 11 and beyond (see here ). Unofficially this is already working pretty well. You are more than welcome to test it and if something doesn’t work we would be very interested to hear the feedback.

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