Do we need java license to run SonarQube?

I am evaluating SonarCube, eventually we will install SonarQube on one of the server and integrate with Jenkins. As per the document the SonarQube’s current version 8.5 requires Oracle JRE 11
However, it looks like recently Oracle’s JRE licensing terms have changed. I want to know do we as consumer, also need to purchase JRE license just to run SonarQube?

Hi @Laksh! Welcome to the SonarSource Community!

No, you don’t need to use Oracle JRE for Java 11, you can use OpenJDK implementation as denoted here: Prerequisites and Overview: Supported Platforms.

This means you can use the prebuilt OpenJDK binaries provided by AdoptOpenJDK, for example, and it’s free. There are many other websites that provide their own version also. Just make sure it’s OpenJDK implementation and it’s for Java 11.

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