Last analysis failed Analysis ID "AYsM4w76B_TWv4nNn0Le"


I have been running analysis on my Github PRs today and the last two have failed. The ID in the subject is the last one that failed.



tried one more time and still failed. new ID = “AYsM_ES4X6GJdj-ME7eH”

Hi @matthewaprice,

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I checked our logs for this ID AYsM_ES4X6GJdj-ME7eH, and I got this error:

ERROR: Issue exclusions are misconfigured. File pattern is mandatory for each entry of 'sonar.issue.enforce.multicriteria'

Did you change something in your project configuration?




Thank you for getting back to me.

The only thing I remember changing is disabling some rules for PHP.

Are you abled to see what rules are setup and see if I have a misconfiguration?

Thank you,


ok, I just reset all of my rules and the analyses are running again. I must’ve either had a typo or conflicting rules in my exclusions. I will add them back one by one to find out the culprit.

thank you


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Ah, so I don’t just put the exclusion, I have to put the file type as well. I just assumed that since it was a php rule, that it would only apply to PHP files.

Thanks for the clarification!


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