Analysis failing with Id: AYNhB0ulJFGNKyrtXPO2

Analysis is failing for one of our repos with Id: AYNhB0ulJFGNKyrtXPO2

Is there something we can do to fix it?

Hey there.

Taking a look in the backend:

ERROR: Issue exclusions are misconfigured. Rule key pattern is mandatory for each entry of ‘sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria’

You should check the project-level Administration > Analysis Scope section of your project.

Thank You Colin. We got that fixed. Is there a way for us to see these type of errors somewhere in (that way we don’t have to bug ya and/or post here)?

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I would really like that, and I’ll flag this for the right team for consideration.

Hi there,

This is not possible currently, you’ll have to go through our forum here. We added this feature request to our backlog, but as with any new ones, we have to prioritize it and I cannot give you any ETA yet.

Hope that helps anyway, and thank you for your understanding.


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