Justification Issues [“False Positive” or “Won’t fix”] aren’t synchronized between branches

Describe the bug
I want the issues justification set to “False Positive” or “Won’t fix” on a development branch merged back into the master branch. But these issues keep showing after merging the branch into master.

To Reproduce
I created a new branch for my project at Gitlab.
I executed sonar-scanner and got the branch analysis on SonarQube.
I reviewed some of the reported issues, fixed some at code, changed some others to “False Positive” / “Won’t Fix”
I executed sonar-scanner again, fixed issues are closed, and other issues are kept (good!)
I submit a Merge Request at Gitlab, and my branch gets merged into the master branch.
I checkout my project’s master branch and pull the changes. I confirm my changes have been merged.
I execute sonar-scanner again (on the master branch) ,but all “False positive” / “Won’t fix” issues are reopened again on SonarQube UI.

Expected behavior
I expected the master branch at SonarQube to have the “False positive” / “Won’t fix” issues to be resolved, but there they are, reported as open issues again.

Software Versions

I have contacted the Community branch plugin support regarding this but they said it should be implemented in SonarQube Core first.


We don’t support the community branch plugin.